Map of Adgara
Kingdom of Adgara
Capital Artheim
Government Monarchy
Ruler Andras Dramigon
Religions Primvia

The Kingdom of Adgara (commonly known as Adgara) is a nation located on the western side of the continent of Oropia. It is a massive country spanning several thousands of miles east to west and north to south. The nation is surrounded by natural land borders, Elissari Forest and the Omere Mountains to the north, The Great Wall and Omere to the east, and the Rootclaw Swamp to the south. Its western border is the Bortivian Ocean which extends to the southern border into the Gulf of Adgara.

The Kingdom of Adgara is a monarchy and unitary state consisting of six duchies: Amarell, Ethemar, King's Mouth, Laborde, Palthomere, and Pratea. It is governed by the hereditary King of Adgara, Andras Dramigon, and in extension by his decree the Hall of Dukes. Its seat of government is in Artheim, the capital, but has five devolved national administrations in Dunhamport, Lanternlight, Silverseat, Dodard's Flat, and Nerohall, the capitals of Amarell, Ethemar, Laborde, Palthomere, and Pratea respectively. Adgara has seven colonies still under the direct control of the crown or the Hall of Dukes including Ufatazdwa, Jadeport, New Fidelum, Embreld, Sword Point, Velhuim, and Givley throughout Erynaal. However a former colony, Zababba has achieved autonomy but still retains good nature and trade towards Adgara.

Adgara is a major power throughout Erynaal, with the largest economy and the largest standing military in the world. Ever since its creation it has been on the rise as a global power and continues to do so. Though the kings hold unlimited power few abuse such power, since the Adgaran Revolution, preferring to delegate authority on a smaller scale to their Dukes who in turn delegate down as well. The system serves to keep from getting tangled up by allowing freedom except where expressly forbidden.

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